Learn & Evolve LLC. by Professor Arezou Harraf


Learn & Evolve LLC is CPD-accredited (UK) and is thus a reliable provider of services that enable others to gain or update their skills and knowledge in an ever-changing business world.
Our goal is to help individuals and groups advance and make progress with their careers/businesses. We want you to be able to achieve all of your goals with the right guidance. Accordingly, we offer career mentorship with valuable insight and planning for people at different stages of their careers. Organizations can also rely on our consulting experience to help customize solutions that will positively impact their business and performance. Furthermore, we offer trainings in key areas, such as leadership and communication.

We currently offer the following services under “professionals:” mentorship programs, consulting services and training services. Here’s what you stand to benefit from each:

With the Learn & Evolve Professional Mentorship Programs, you will:

Option 1: Career Kickstarter

  • Benefit from early career mentorship.
  • Gain job skills that will distinguish you early on.
  • Acquire strategic planning skills for career development.

Option 2: Career Booster

  • Be prepared to advance into a leadership role.
  • Learn to leverage your network and expand your connections.
  • Make smart career moves relevant to your growth path.

Option 3: Corporate Priority

  • Invest in career counseling for your employees.
  • Increase productivity and improve workplace culture.

With the Learn & Evolve Business Consultation Services, you will:

  • Identify and address organizational problems.
  • Customize solutions for optimum performance.
  • Adapt to important changes in the business world.

With the Learn & Evolve Business Training Services, you will:

  • Benefit from customizable training materials and duration.
  • Receive training on important business aspects (leadership, strategy, risk…).

At Learn & Evolve LLC, we are of the belief that one can reach career heights and business success with the right type of guidance. For this reason, we adopt evidence-based methods and interdisciplinary approaches with our services. We make sure to stay current and up-to-date with regards to the knowledge and skills we present to our clients.

How do we approach our programs? The Professional Mentorship Programs focus on career counseling with options for entry- and mid-level professionals. Our Business Consultation Services focus on providing solutions to complex organizational problems. We help organizations adapt to today’s work and business demands. As for our Business Training Services, they cover specific business areas that are essential for success.

These services move from our beliefs to offer the following:

  • Personalization: Our services respond to the needs and goals of clients. Assessments, trainings, consultations and solutions are customizable for maximum benefit.
  • Clear Guidance: Guidance is administered over multiple workshops and sessions. Our seasoned instructors, effective communication methods and technologies help get the knowledge across.
  • Motivation: We impart knowledge and provide support to clients with an attitude of openness and encouragement to both enable and motivate clients on the road to success.

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