Learn & Evolve LLC. by Professor Arezou Harraf


Our story begins in 2017, when our founder and CEO, Dr. Arezou Harraf, decided to start a company that would respond to the lack of proper guidance and mentorship available to students and professionals at school and in the workplace. Thus, Learn & Evolve LLC was born to fill the mentorship gap by providing quality services based on science, research and experience.  

We move from the belief that with the right guidance, people can reach their full potential, whether as individuals or as part of a larger community. Our mission at this time is to provide clients with the best academic and professional guidance possible, facilitating their development and paving the way to success.


We cater our services to two basic categories: students and professionals. We simplify the college application process for students, especially for those applying in the US, as well as prepare them for college and career life. As for professionals, we help them grow and flourish in their careers, overcoming obstacles and gaining useful skills in the process. We also work with businesses and organizations looking to invest in their talent and increase their productivity. As for our outreach, it is broad and international, with a large client base in the GCC.


For student-related programs that include admissions assistance, also college and career guidance.


For professional programs that help grow and advance careers and businesses.


Online course that helps in preparing for SHRM certification (SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP).

A service that is specific to the HR field is the SHRM Certification Online Program. An SHRM Senior Certified Professional and SHRM Recertification Provider, Dr. Harraf leads this online course that thoroughly prepares people for SHRM examination. We help you earn your credentials (SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP) and further your professional development in the field.

The hallmark of a Learn & Evolve program is personalization. This means that on top of providing the basics of training and mentorship, we personalize our services to fit the individual or organization we are working with. Our mentors, led by Dr. Harraf, are highly qualified and possess unique insight into the world of business and academia. What you gain with Learn & Evolve programs in terms of benefit will last you a long time.